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Game of Life

To me, computational biology provides me with a way to understand the enormous beauty and rules governing this game that is life. I strive to uncover these rules because, in understanding, we might more easily co-exist with nature, and help ourselves cohabitate, thereby living more harmoniously. Furthermore, I love solving puzzles. Throughout   my   game of life, I have felt the urge to share, and so I will do that here when needed. Coming from a very small town of Lebanon Indiana, I did not know much of what I found others did when moving up north. I want to share what I have learned to continue empowering and inspiring curiosity to uncover the rules to   your   game of life. This blog will be one way I achieve that. (Read on.) I look forward to passing on neat ideas and action items I have found valuable in my roles as, for example, Ph.D. candidate in Computational Biology and Computer Science from Brown, Fulbright Association Board Member (2018-2020), Board Member (2015-2

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Learn to Live Like Water

"Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life." – Immanuel Kant